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ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter (SR429)

The NEXSYS® ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter (SR429) takes any single ARINC 429 data word input and converts each data bit into a discrete output signal. The SR429 contains no software or firmware, and is designed and tested in accordance with DO-160. The unit can be specified as either high speed or low speed.

NEXSYS® - Avionics Integration Solutions

NEXSYS is the newest brand from Applied Avionics, manufacturers of the industry leading VIVISUN pushbutton switches and indicators. NEXSYS is focused on providing avionic system interface solutions, including the new ARINC 429 Signal Converter and the modular LOGIC component technology, which simplifies electronic design complexity with a powerful combination of mix-and-match electronic components. NEXSYS LOGIC component technology can provide robust behind-the-panel interface capabilities via a stand-alone LOGIC Module, or can be incorporated internally into a VIVISUN switch body.

With the NEXSYS brand, Applied Avionics can expand with you into solutions behind, not just in front of, the cockpit panel. NEXSYS products can work independently, or can be paired with VIVISUN lighted pushbutton switches and indicators for applications that require a robust man-machine interface in connection with the NEXSYS system interface capabilities.

Both the NEXSYS and VIVISUN brands are supported by Applied Avionics’ demonstrated commitment to high reliability, unparalleled customer service, and on-time delivery.


NEXSYS LOGIC Modules can replace the expense and certification delays that are typically encountered when designing a circuit board to solve simple design challenges. The LOGIC Module encompasses the ability to include 8 different individual mix-and-match components with specific functionality in a ruggedized behind-the-panel package. With over 1,000,000 unique combinations of the components, the LOGIC Module packs a tremendous amount of flexibility in a small package. Click below for additional information on the NEXSYS LOGIC Module.

NEXSYS® LOGIC Component Technology

NEXSYS® LOGIC component technology is another industry first solution from Applied Avionics that provides electrical system design engineers opportunities to create additional avionics system functionality and system integration solutions.

NEXSYS® LOGIC components include electronic latching flip-flops, electronic rotaries, solid state relays, Boolean logic arrays, edge-detecting pulse timers, DC voltage sensors, diodes and terminal blocks. Components are configurable as mix-and-match, 8-Pin and 4-Pin devices and have been designed and tested in accordance with DO-160. To learn how LOGIC component technology replaces the need for software modifications and oversized, single-function hardware, click the link below.

NEXSYS® LOGIC Application Note Browser

To help system designers understand the potential of LOGIC component technology in their applications, we have assembled the LOGIC Application Note Browser. This online resource showcases numerous system solutions such as, 3-way switching, dropout relays, aternate action switching, toggle and rotary functionality and many others. Click the link below to see LOGIC component technology in action.

VIVISUN® - Lighted Pushbutton Switches

Applied Avionics, manufacturer of NEXSYS products, is also the manufacturer of the VIVISUN brand of illuminated switches and indicators VIVISUN has long been recognized as best-in-class in military and commercial avionics applications. VIVISUN products are designed to provide the highest reliability man-machine interface devices on the market. Applied Avionics’ expertise in MIL-SPEC switches, sunlight readability, and NVIS compliance make it the standard for demanding applications. Please visit the VIVISUN website for more information.

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